by Monica Dockery

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Dedicated to "The one"....

A labor of love. I wanted my first project to be a true reflection of who I am and what matters most to me, which is why I decided to produce it almost 100% on my own (please refer the the credits to see information on contributions made by a few friends). I hope it speaks to you in some way.

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released October 15, 2013

Anythang But: rap by Dash the Baptist

drum track by Kaizen Sounds @

Intro includes a quote from Maya Angelou

John Henry: rap by Ben Z @
drum track by Abr@$h @

Smile: drum track by Abr@$h @

Moving Away: drum track by Jaze Baqti @

Ain't No Good: freestyle by TheNamesMillen

Co-Produced Tracks:

New Day: Special Guest Producer (Anonymous)

Ain't No Good: TheNamesMillen



all rights reserved


Monica Dockery California

If blues/jazz/soul music had a baby...

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to find my own sound. I taught myself to play the guitar and began writing and sharing my songs on Soundcloud. Since then, I have continued to develop as an artist and have been featured an over 50 projects from other artists across the the globe. I felt it was time to make my own project. And now..I have. ... more

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Track Name: Audiobiography (Bullet)
the painter hesitates before he creates, for he knows they will not love it like he does

Verse 1

You can't see where I'm going, you don't know where I've been/Feels like life is a bullet, shooting fast towards the end/but if I can, I will take it, take my life by the hand/I will live, while I'm breathing, I will give all I can

spoken word
but why, why should I bring you here?/to a broken place like this?/but if I don't, I know I'd miss you, I'd miss you so

Verse 2
Every life writes a book full of stories to tell/when they read what I've done, I hope and pray it reads well/cause I've touched rainbows and jagged edges/I've been on cloud 9/but my life, well, it ain't over, I still have so far to climb

I want to give love, be loved, and breath love in//
Track Name: New Day
I see a new day coming/it's coming just around the corner now/I see a new day coming/can you feel it now?

Verse 1:
see we've been walking down this same ol' dusty road/for years, just draggin' our feet in the dirt/turnin' deaf ear, blind eye to the flowers/don't care if one or all get hurt/but what about your brother?/what about your little baby sister now?/if we could love one another, we could usher in that new day


Verse 2:
You are him, I am her, oooh/come alive to the infinite line that's drawn between us all/I said, oooh/if we're going to survive, we've got to see that line/cause, see, it connects you and me/and if you fall, then I'll surely


but what about your brother?/what about your little baby sister now?/if we could love one another, heyyy/oh, you are him (you are him)/I am her (I am her)/we are us (we are us)/and I love us, I love us, I love us sooo

Track Name: CaliLife
ooh, ooh, ooh yeah///

take a walk with me downtown to where all the hipsters come to play/where the streetlights all turn into stars, along the Frisco bay/feel the rhythm beatin, the city leadin', to freedom and delight/as we move our feet along the street and watch our souls take flight

ooh, let the city lead
ooh, as we feel it beat
ooh, underneath our feet
oh, ain't this CaliLife so sweet

with the skyline all dressed up in heels and the shore wearing a tux/oh they look so fancy don't you think? lookin' like a million bucks/with a toe tap here, a toe tap there, now they start to strut their stuff/better step our game up and when we're done, we say goodnight, good luck



well, this CaliLife so sweet you know, you can taste it in the air/sunshine, barbies, muscle men, sushi, and fresh hair/hippies, b-boys, rodeo drive, and don't forget the coast/Newport, Monterrey, San Diego, all deserve a toast/but it's the shades of skin on everyone cohabitating/it's in THIS mix, that's where it is, do you hear just what I'm saying?/do you hear just what I'm saying

Track Name: Anythang But [feat. Dash the Baptist]
tell me that there's a reason why we should be bombing children/tell me that everything at home is just fine/tell me that, of course, you care about the poor and broken/and I will gladly take it, the truth's more bitter than a lie

cause I'm a poor little lost lamb, can't find my way through/what would I think if I didn't have you?

to tell me anything, anything but the truth/I'll believe everything if it comes from you/ (repeat)

---RAP--- (no lyrics available at this time)

tell me that cookies are good for my health, that no one really cares about their wealth, that pigs can fly and horses moo/tell me that the ice ain't melting, that I am singing not just belting, that I have 10 Mercedez Benz' too/tell me that I'm not getting older, that the sun ain't getting bolder, that the signs are all in my head/cause we all know the truth we hate the most is the one that one day we we all be dead....

So tell me anything, anything, anything but the truth

Track Name: One Inch
You know the feelin', like the world's just waiting for you to move one inch more,/for it to open up all it's closed doors to you/rubies and diamonds, yellow like the ones they write in songs/all there just waiting to be stumbled upon

whatever you desire, one inch away
a revelation, an explanation, one inch away
words that inspire, a heart on fire, one inch away
so don't you, don't you stop now

Why don't you close the gap between us and move in one inch more/and I will, open up all my closed doors to you/secret wishes and tender kisses like they do in songs/but now, my heart is the treasure waiting to be stumbled upon



bud before the bloom, life and then a tomb, mountain then a peak, everything/everything, everything is one inch from your reach

Track Name: Smile
Spoken intro:
There are many kinds of smiles/smiles that say, "Hi, how are you today" or "today was a good day"/but my favorite smile, my favorite smile, is the one that comes when I'm with you/mmhhmm, you know who you are/kisses, love you

Verse 1:
You make me feel like a child who opens up a bag of candy from the candy store/ooh, that feeling I get in my tummy when I see you walkin through that door/

oooh, you make me smile, smile ( ah ooh ah)

Verse 2:
Oh, won't you take my had and let's play for a little while/maybe a game of hide n' seek, but don't you peek, no no no/runaway with me on cotton candy clouds today/maybe we can find a sugar-coated highway/me and you up in the heavens, floatin' far away/we can travel 'round the world before it gets too late

you make me smile, little darlin', smile, pretty babe, smile (ah ooh ah)

Oh, lollipops and chocolate kisses make me smile/butterflies in fields of green, they make me smile/but, none of them come close to how you make me smile...nooo/

Oh, sunny days and peanut butter make me smile/the stars around the moon at night, they make me smile/but nothing feels as good as how you make me smile....nooo/

You make me smile, smile, smile, smile.... you make me smile......
Track Name: Purple
I got voices inside my head/one is blue and the other red/they compete to gain my trust/hard to choose, but still I must/

one says I can do it, ain't nothin' in my way/the other laughs and says, "you shoulda never came/but it's gettin' late and I hear you/it's gettin' late and I hear you

want so badly to believe blue/but, red's easier to hear/cause she's the one I've always listened to/I've been real close with her for years

I want to be blue, but do I have the time?/or the energy to renew my mind?/but it's gettin' late and I hear you/it's gettin' late and I hear you

I hear you in the morning and late at night/all up in my shower, always on my mind/I can't take it any longer, so I guess I'll try/to finally make my choice and lay...where I ....while lie...

I got voices inside my head/one is blue and the other red/they compete to gain my trust/hard to choose but still I must